Many adults may find it harder to smile as they get older because of tooth discoloration. Identifying the cause of tooth discoloration is the first step in treating it. Edgemere Dental has many different treatment options for brightening that smile for you and your whole family.

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What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

There are many reasons for tooth discoloration. Some of the reasons we can help, and other we can not. Here are the main reasons for tooth discoloration.

Not Brushing or Flossing
Brushing and flossing daily is the main way to prevent oral disease and tooth discoloration. Not brushing and flossing daily will eventually leads to cavities, infection, or worse. Remember to brush and floss daily and you’ll definitely see the benefits of these daily habits.

Consuming Foods that Discolor Your Teeth
Drinking and eating foods that discolor your teeth such as coffee, soda, tobacco, candies and deserts will certainly aid in discoloring your teeth. Remember to avoid acidic or sugary foods that lead to discoloration and decay.

Genetics, Medical Conditions, and Medication
Genetics has a lot to do with oral health. Some people just have healthier tooth enamel than others. Also, medical conditions such as amelogenesis or dentinogenesis prevent proper enamel growth. Still another thing that could discoloring teeth are medications that lead to tooth discoloration as a side effects. Proper education on medical conditions and medications is the best way to know if you are being effected by one of these conditions.

Treatment Options for Tooth Discoloration

Treatment options for whitening teeth can vary widely depending on the cause of the discoloration. Of course, one of the best ways to treat discoloration is regular brushing and flossing. Also, avoiding food, drinks, or habits that damage your teeth is important. 

Edgemere Dental has many treatment options for brightening your smile including: regular teeth cleaningsin-office teeth whiteningtake home teeth whitening kits, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry. The best way to know which treatment option is right for you is to come in and get an exam, X-rays, and teeth cleaning. That way our dentist can discuss all the best options available to you.

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