Have A Dental Emergency?
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Dental emergencies can be very painful and interrupt your daily activities.   Here are some dental emergencies that we can assist you with:

We welcome both same-day and walk-in appointments. If the accident occurs outside of office hours, you can leave a voice mail (checked daily) or visit your local emergency room. Leaving issues such as these untreated can increase the risk of developing serious infections or other health problems.  Please give us a call at our El Paso Dental Office at 915-921-6200 as soon as possible.

Why Should I See Edgemere Dental Instead of the Emergency Room?

The emergency room physicians are skilled at addressing health concerns not related to dental problems. They can give you pain relief, but they can’t help you restore your damaged tooth. They also will not be able to properly diagnose tooth pain in order to resolve the issue. Edgemere Dental will be able to relieve tooth pain, diagnose the problem, and resolve the issue quickly. It will also save you the added pain, time, and money of visiting the emergency room. Instead come to our emergency dental care office in East El Paso to resolve the emergency quickly and easily.

Have a Dental Emergency? We’re Here to Help.

At Edgemere Dental, we know that accidents happen. When you have a dental emergency, you need immediate dental care quickly. That’s why we’re available evenings, weekends, for same-day and next-day appointments. We’ll even stay open late to provide the emergency dental help you need.

What is considered a dental emergency?

Tooth Damage: If you have a broken denturebroken tooth, or lost a crown or filling, these things should be taken care of immediately.

Sudden or Excessive Pain: If you are feeling pain, have an abscess, swollen gums, or an infection, we can help you right away.

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