By now most of us are aware that oral health is important for maintaining your over all health. But, did you know that diet also plays an important role on oral health as much as it does on physical health? The following is a list of foods that could put your oral health in danger.

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1. Sugary Foods

We’ve all been told since childhood that sugary foods are bad for your teeth. Bacteria in plaque feeds on sugars to create acid that cause decay and cavities. This decay eventually leads to infections that could effect your body with harmful inflammation. Sugar in your mouth is often the first step on the road to tooth decay and periodontal disease. Foods with sugars can be anything from cupcakes to ketchup. More foods than you know actually contain high levels of sugar, so it’s important to read the label to help you avoid sugar all together.

2. Acidic Foods

Acidic foods are actually even more dangerous than sugary foods. Bacteria eats sugar to create acids, while highly acidic foods already contain the acids that destroy tooth enamel and cause decay and disease. The weakened enamel will eventually lead from discoloration and cavities to infections and abscesses. Examples of highly acidic foods are lemons, grapefruits, pickles, tomatoes, alcohol, and coffee.

3. Bread

Bread and other foods that are made from refined carbohydrates are also harmful to your oral health. When consumed they immediately turn into sugar which bacteria can feed on to cause decay. These starchy foods such as bread, crackers, pasta, and chips easily become stuck in between your teeth creating a breeding ground for bacteria. 

4. Sugary Drinks

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that soda is bad for your teeth and gums because it is high in sugars and acid that are harmful. But for some, the idea of sports drinks being just as harmful can come as a surprise. These drinks are high in high fructose corn syrup which contains high amounts of sugar. Alcoholic drinks are also high in sugar and acid.

5. Hard Foods

Even though the enamel on your teeth is the hardest part of your body, even it can’t stand up against hard foods that can chip, crack, and break your teeth. Many edible products are not meant to be chewed on such as hard candy, ice, un-popped popcorn and even raw ramen noodle bricks can lead to fractures and breaks in your teeth. Do your teeth a favor and also  avoid using them as tools to open bottles, or pry open containers.

6. Foods that Prevent Saliva Flow

Your best defense against decay and disease is your saliva which washes away food particles, sugars, acids, and bacteria. Saliva also delivers minerals to your teeth and gums to keep them healthy. While also removing unwanted particles and plaque from your teeth it also repairs tooth enamel and gums back to health. Some examples of foods that dry your mouth are alcohol, coffee, sugary drinks, dried fruit, and popcorn.

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