Many people avoid the dentist for different reasons even though dental appointments are the best way to achieve oral health. Edgemere Dental wants you to understand the reasons behind the missed appointments so that you can overcome your dental anxiety.

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According to a new dental survey by the ADA entitled “Why Adults Forgo Dental Care”, there are a few reasons why adults will decide to avoid the dentist in the next 12 months. This article will discuss some reasons and help you avoid these obstacles and get back on the road to good dental health.


The cost of dental visits and treatment are the number one reason people avoid going to the dentist. For many Americans dental insurance is not an option. A recent survey found that 44% of the population does not have coverage, and those with medical insurance still have trouble understanding their dental coverage. Some insurance only covers preventative or emergency dental care.

At Edgemere Dental we want to make sure everyone is covered, that’s why we accept most dental insurance and offer affordable ways to pay for your dental care if you don’t have insurance. No insurance? No problem. We have a Dental Savings Plan that will cover all your expenses, there’s no deductible, and you will save at least 25% on all dental care. 

We also have CareCredit available to all of our patients. With CareCredit, Dental care includes procedures such as tooth repair, crowns or caps, root canals, dental implants, braces, retainers, bite plates, and headgears.

Above all it is important to remember that by taking care of your teeth with regular brushing and flossing, yearly dental visits won’t cost you as much. No matter what the cost, or your situation, our staff will try their best to get you the dental care you need.

Previously Bad Dental Experiences

We’ve heard them all, not enough sedative, the dentist didn’t explain the procedure correctly, or feeling pressured into dental treatment. Bad dental experiences can prevent people from coming in for regular check ups. We’re hear to listen to your concerns about your previous dentist, and help you overcome any anxiety by providing you with answers. By understanding what has triggered bad experiences in the past, we can understand what to avoid and how to better serve you.

Our staff and dentist will thoroughly explain the dental procedures from start to finish. We want our communication to be informative, helpful, thorough, and leave no questions unanswered. We will also make sure that we are not aggressive in explaining the treatment. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured into anything, but rather be well informed about what treatment our dentist has suggested. Your comfort is our goal.

“I Don’t Need to See the Dentist, My Mouth Is Healthy”

For a large percentage of the population, going to the dentist seems unnecessary until something goes wrong. Sometimes people only perceive the need to see the dentist after a tooth has cracked, your gums are bleeding, or visible discoloration has set in. The best way to avoid most dental emergencies is with regular check ups. Seeing the dentist every 6 months will ensure that your oral health remains optimal and free of disease or decay.

​Fear of Pain

Dental fear, dental anxiety, dentist phobia, odontophobia, or dentophobia affects 9% to 20% of the population. Usually, these people are also forced to see a dentist only after a dental emergency occurs. It’s important to remember that thanks to the many advances in dentistry made over the years, most of today’s dental procedures are considerably less painful or even pain-free. 

Still some avoid the dentist for fear of personal space, or embarrassment over the state of their teeth or gums. The best way to avoid all of these fears is to speak with our staff and dentists about them. Our staff is friendly and professional and will answer any and all of your questions. If loss of control is your main fear, take back control by discussing the dental procedures and treatments with us.

Inconvenient Office Hours 

Incovenient office hours are also a main factor in why people don’t go to the dentist. Most of us work full time jobs that prevent us from being able to take time off during the week. Edgemere Dental realizes that hard working people sometimes need to come in on weekends. That’s why we are conveniently open on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm.  Our staff is here to set up an appointment for you at the time you are available to come in. 

Whatever the reason for avoiding regular dental visits, Edgemere Dental is here to address your concerns. Our staff, hygienists, and doctors are available to answer your questions.

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