6 Benefits of IV Sedation in El Paso, TX

Dental anxiety is a very common problem that prevents people from regular dental visits. Americans have so much fear of the dentist that studies show that half of the population will avoid dental visits because of dental anxiety. At Edgemere Dental, we want to ensure that our patients receive dental care that will benefit their oral health without causing undue anxiety. Therefore we now offer IV sedation, for our patients that may be stressed out about a dental procedure. Sedation dentistry will allow our patients to undergo dental treatments in a state of semi-consciousness, which eliminates fear and stress, making even the most complex dental treatments completely comfortable for the patient. The benefits of IV sedation have allowed many of our El Paso, TX dental patients to restore their smile while creating a positive relationship our the dentist.

IV Sedation Dentistry in El Paso, TX

Less Fear During Dental Procedures

Patients with dental anxiety, fear of needles, and other sharp dental equipment won’t feel pain, experience fear, and can relax comfortably in our dental office. IV sedation allows patients to feel no pain or fear. It will also lessen the immediate rise of blood pressure and also decreases oxygen consumption of the heart. Pain felt during the operation may sometimes lead to trauma or phobia, but because of the IV sedation inserted to the patient’s vein, this negative experience will be subdued shortly. The dental treatment becomes more comfortable both for the patient, the staff, and for the dentist.

Deep Relaxation

IV sedation offers the deepest state of relaxation and puts patients in a state of semi-consciousness, so they are half asleep throughout the dental treatment. Patients do not wake until after treatment is complete and often have no memory of the dental procedure. This makes IV sedation a great option for patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety.

No Dental Work Delays

Dental anxiety might cause you to put off having dental work done out of fear. Even routine cleanings and exams might be avoided if you suffer from severe anxiety. Putting off dental work could often lead to more serious dental problems over time. With IV sedation, you can get the teeth cleanings and other dental work you need to be done on schedule and no longer put it off. This helps keep your teeth and gums healthy overall.

Safer Than Anesthesia

With IV sedation, the patient will not be rendered fully unconscious. The patient will remain in a semi-conscious state so it is much safer than alternative forms of sedation such as general anesthesia. Being in a semi-conscious state allows the patient to communicate to the doctor about any discomfort as the procedure or treatment is performed. With general anesthesia, the patient is unconscious and has no awareness to communicate potential problems such as discomfort or pain.

Successful Treatment

The dentist can perform well during the procedure because he is aware that the sedation is playing its part in numbing and relaxing the patient.

This painless sedation has helped countless patients retain their teeth, maintain oral health, and save money while enjoying a bright, functional smile. With IV sedation it becomes possible for the dentist to perform multiple treatments while the patient is relaxed during a single appointment. Entire smile make-overs can be performed in one dental appointment instead of having to schedule multiple dental appointments across several days, weeks, or months. IV sedation makes dentistry more efficient and safe.

Quick Recovery

Once your dentist stops administering IV sedation, the effects will begin to wear off. You’ll still need someone to drive you home after your procedure, as you most likely will still experience lingering drowsiness as the sedation clears from your bloodstream. However, you’ll recover and return to a normal state faster than if you took anti-anxiety medication.

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