3 Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Visiting different dentists to accommodate the needs of your family can be tiresome, it’s probably time to switch to a family dentist. While family dentistry and general dentistry may seem similar, they have one main difference. General dentistry is typically focused on one specific age group while family dentistry is designed for family members of all ages. That makes your life easier while still providing quality dental care for your entire family. If you’re hesitant to make the switch, here are 3 reasons to choose a family dentist for your affordable dental care in El Paso, TX.

Better Oral Healthcare for the Whole Family

One of the most practical advantages of having a family dentist is being able to bring your entire household to the same dental office instead of driving them to different specialists around the city. From 6-month-old infants to the senior citizens in your family, you can book multiple appointments for everyone on the same day and save a considerable amount of time and money.

More Convenience for Your Busy Schedule

At Edgemere Dental, we understand that your schedule doesn’t always conform to normal workday hours. You might work graveyard while your spouse works a 9-5 job and kids with after-school activities every night. Whatever your situation might be, family dental offices are willing to work with you and will have hours that are more suited to family life.

Education for Kids

A family dentist can instruct your children about daily oral care, toothpaste selection, diet, and other considerations to provide the best oral care. We will give updates about your family’s oral health history and the latest dentistry technologies and treatment practices that can help the family’s overall oral care.

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